Atholhurst Multi Educational  and Assisted Learning School-                               


When we opened in January 1999 little did we know that 24 years later we would still be doing what we love the most.  

Over the years Atholhurst continues to grow and change with the times, the diversity of syndromes and the daily educational challenges. Even the dreaded COVID 19 could not get us down and we switched to on-line teaching.

If you are struggling to find the right learning environment to suit your child's individual, educational needs or developmental challenges and if you are looking for a well-established, small, stimulating and learning environment then look no further as we offer all of the above.

We offer a superior all inclusive education for our learners with diverse needs by designing a unique IEP to cover their own specific needs. We assist each learner to overcome their challenges, bridge any gaps while building on their strengths. 

All children are special and it is their right to be educated. We believe that each child can reach their full potential with love, understanding, care, support and enthusiasm. Our methodology is to boost and enhance their self-esteem in order for them to become more independent and to overcome anything.

The School currently has two classes:

The Intervention Class - Caters for learners in the Pre-school and Junior Phase.

The Focus Class - Caters for learners who would require facilitation in a mainstream school. Primary and High School programs are followed as well as for learners in the intermediate and senior phase.

2022 was a year of consolidation after two COVID disrupted years. There is still no doubt that classroom teaching far outweighs its digital cousin.

While COVID seems to have taken a back seat we still enforce some of the more effective protocols. .