Atholhurst Multi Educational  and Assisted Learning School-                               


2 - Another  letter from a parent

Tebogo Shilajoe writes

My 6 year old son was accepted by Atholhurst after being rejected by many schools because he cannot speak. The School has an excellent support system, great teachers, speech therapist, occupational therapist who are constantly communicating with parents regarding the child's progress. Through all of this, my Son can now say some words, he can count 1 to 10 on his own. He can write his favourite number which is 2. He can sing along to other nursery rhymes even though the words are not that clear sometimes. Thanks to Diane for accepting my non verbal son to her school and giving us hope that my precious son will speak.

Atholhurst is a blessing to my son


1 - Extract from a letter recently received from the parents of a pupil.

"Our names are Jan and Dominique Kuypers and we are parents of a special needs child, Jannick, who at the moment attends Atholhurst School in Atholl.

We live in Fourways, where our son used to attend Unity College (also a special needs school) for the last 10 years. At the moment Jannick is 16 years old, and we were advised 4 months ago by Unity College that it was not the right school for him, as he has autistic features and therefore not ready to cope with their senior phase. This came as a surprise to my husband and I as this had never been an issue before. We were given 3 alternative schools for children with autistic features. We found out that options were extremely limited for 16 year old children with autistic features. In fact we were out of options as all the schools had a three year waiting list and would therefore only accept pupils of 14 years and younger.

Out of options we were referred to Atholhurst School. The School is small and caters for pupils who cannot cope in a normal school environment. The School is headed by a very dedicated Principal by the name of Diane Atkinson. The School caters for a wide range of learners ranging from 5 years and upwards.

There is a homely and loving atmosphere and because of its small size it is extremely beneficial to certain children like our son. A strong emphasis is placed on discipline and correct social behaviour which is extremely useful and important. Even after two months we can see the positive effects on the way our son interacts. While this is a Private School, its fees are much lower that than those of other schools. The fact that our son finds himself in a nurturing environment where he can continue to develop both socially and academically combined with reasonable fees makes Atholhurst an obvious choice for us."